Building Type

Urban Design

Project Output

Animated Walkthrough: Concept Master Plan

Project Length



Vedanta Group


Vishakhapatnam, India




HKS Inc. – Design and Production Team (Husain Zaidi, Aashish Vadhera, Nadeem Ahmad, Gurleen Matharu)


The Vizag Master Plan development project, was a concept only project pitched by HKS to Hindustan Zinc Limited, a part of Vedanta Group. The project brief asked for the redevelopment of a 350 acre land, into an iconic city centre, which would be promoted for tourism, recreation and business. The HKS team designed the master plan and made a walkthrough video of the proposed land, highlighting the design. Aashish Vadhera was the project manager and took charge of the master planning. I was part of the production team, and was incharge of the visualization part of the project, which included developing the 3D model, making the animation walkthrough as well as producing still renders. Nadeem was incharge of post production of the animated walkthrough and infographics of the project. The production phase of the project lasted for 3 weeks and we finished the final video, given below in that stipulated time. The project was eventually put on hold by the clients, due to undisclosed circumstances, but we learnt a great deal from the project about team coordination. I personally benefited from the experience of testing and experimenting new methodologies to pace up the production process (of 3D articulation and animation walkthrough) and how to deliver good quality work with limited time and resources.

I created the Animated Walkthrough, highlighting the features of master plan design, which was submitted to client as proposal.

Art for Change

Art for Change is a non-profit initiative, started by Husain Zaidi in 2019. 

Our Vision 

The artworks created for Art for Change focuses on social and global issues, which are unfortunately ignored by our society. Through my art, I humbly hope to break the stigma around these issues and start a conversation which can make a difference in someone’s life. 

Our Mission 

All the sales generated through Art for Change is donated to a chairty of your choice! Through our combined effort, let us support the charibable organizations accross the globe to help make this world a better place to live.