Unexplored Ladakh

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Unexplored Ladakh is a quintessential travel studio based in Leh, Ladakh. The studio provides various kind of unconventional travel services to its customers, with a mission statement to explore ladakh from a local’s perspective, connecting with the nature. One of their proud services are Wilderness Cycling and has become their signature, along with spiritual trekking and camping.
The client wanted a retro logo, which reflects the ruggedness and pure experience that they offer. They also wanted a simple website that informs about all the packages that they offer and a blog, where they can communicate their travel ideas with their followers. The vintage logo designed features a self-created pop-art of the famous Leh palace, opposite to which is the office of Unexplored Ladakh.

Leh Palace


Website Design

I designed the website for Unexplored Ladakh, with a very simple userflow as per their requirements. All the main services offered by the company are present on the top navigation bar, including the blog, about and contact page. The site was designed monochromatic so that all the attention of the visitor goes to the color thumbnails of the packages offered. The homepage features a fullscreen carousel of pictures, clicked by Skaldan (co-founder of Unexplored Ladakh) himself. The client eventually did not select the logo, but liked the website design and got it built.


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