Building Type

Cancer Specialist Hospital

Project Output

Full-Stack Design and Build

Project Length

Under Construction


Tata Memorial Center


Mumbai, India




HKS Inc. – Design Team (Husain Zaidi, Brinda Sengupta, Neha Katyal, Gurleen Matharu, Sumandeep Singh)


In 2018, Tata Memorial Centre was granted a new site in Mumbai to shift and build their new flagship hospital, from Parel, Mumbai. For designing this new flagship hospital, Tata Memorial invited 6 design firms from all over India to submit their proposal. HKS Inc. collaborated with local architects, Hosmac, to submit their proposal, as the construction had to happen in Mumbai and the support of a local architect for site coordination will have been greatly helpful. The scope of the project was full-stack design and construction. HKS  were the design consultants, and Hosmac would carry out the construction and site coordination. I was involved in the core design team of the project. My role was to design the building exterior form iterations, facade design, material study, and 3D modelling and producing the final renders. We, as a team, decided to incorporate biophilia into our design since the site was heavily surrounded by a lush green belt, which is a rare sighting Mumbai. So we made it a point to not uproot any tree present on the site. Keeping the core values of biophilia and empathy for the patients at the centre, we designed two facade concepts around it, both of which were climate responsive.
After 2 rounds of presentations, we won the competition and the project was awarded to HKS. Through this project, we learnt how to maintain coherent coordination between different offices and challenges we face when working in multi-disciplinary teams, with different goals but the same product! This was especially challenging after winning the competition and working towards detailing the design and designing the floor plans. The local architects were more concerned about the construction ease, cost of construction, easy availability of materials etc, while HKS was solely focused on keeping the integrity of the user-centric design.