“Trying to fix things that do not require fixing, by ignorant people, only makes it worse”

People often mistake introverts and their shy nature for rude, anti-social behaviour. “You should socialize more, explore and meet new people. You’re weird!”

We need to break this stigma and be more empathetic. It’s okay to live your life the way you want to. It’s okay to open up to only selective people, at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. It’s okay to be yourself!

  • What’s Included?

    Along with happy feeling, positive vibes, and lots of love from people around the world, you will receive the digital copy of the selected artwork with a personal license. You will receive a ready-to-use high resolution .jpeg file and an Illustrator (.ai) file, which you can use to export the artwork at any resolution.

  • Let’s make a difference!

    Remember, the entire purchase amount received for the artwork is donated to a charity of your choice! If you do not receive a proof of donation within 7 working days, then your money will be refunded.
    With your help, we can take a small step to create an impact and make someone’s life better (: