Project Type

UX & UI Design

Project Output

Interactive Prototype on Adobe XD

Project Length

4 Hours


Husain Zaidi, Bhavya Gudka, Yasir Hussain, Triska Naik, Ellixs Tulagan


Adobe organized a creative jam, targeted towards Ui/Ux background students, in the November of 2019, In colleges in and around Toronto. A total of 9 colleges and over 88 teams with more than 400 students participated. We were introduced to the brief at 8 pm and had until 11:50 pm to submit our entry. The challenge was to design an app that encourages, empowers and fosters a community of academic integrity. We brainstormed over the idea for the first 90 minutes and cumulatively decided to come up with an app that acts as a platform for students to collaborate and discuss their assignments and seek help/mentors. The students will also be able to check their assignments for plagiarism. Then we designed the user flow for the app and very rough wireframes.

Everybody contributed equally to the project, for every task including brainstorming and creating prototypes. The screens shown on this page are very slightly edited (and added to) by me later after the competition. We eventually could not submit on time and get late by 10 minutes to submitting our entry, as we ran into some technical difficulty. However, the competition was a great learning opportunity about working with a problem impromptu and how to quickly produce work under very tight deadlines and pressure. We learnt that we should have been better prepared with all the tools, and UI elements and UI kits which we could have quickly edited and used for such a fast-paced competition.

“The challenge is to come up with an app that encourages, empowers and fosters a community of academic integrity.”

Our Solution

In most of the cases, a student resorts to plagiarism either if they have trouble understanding the assignment and/or they start very late and don’t have enough time to produce all of the work. Our approach to the challenge was simple, instead of implementing a hard way to ensure academic integrity, like anti plagiarism software, we wanted to create a platform for students where they can openly share work with each other and ask for guidance and reviews of peers. Our hope is, if we facilitate a flow of conversation between all students, and encourage them to show their work (using a reward point system) then students will be motivated to produce original work, as they will not be hesitant to ask for guidance and review of their peers.

We decided on a user-flow with as little screens showcasing as many features as possible.

Another reason why students may get caught in the ‘unethical’ bracket, is because they do not understand what qualifies as plagiarism or what is ethical and unethical in many different scenarios. For example, creating an artwork with the same idea that’s done before with a very slight twist may be in ethical books of many people, but might be considered unethical by the professor of that subject. Hence, the app also features an integrity quiz, that’s designed by the professor that a student has to take before starting each assignment. Thus ensuring that everybody is on the same page and has the same knowledge about ethics. The app also features a reward point system for being a mentor for another student as well as participating in the discussion board. Thus making the whole experience gamified, and act as a motivation tool for students to help each other.

Meet CollabRoom

Meet CollabRoom, an interactive application that promotes collaboration between students to increase their understanding of assignments and academic integrity. This application is a partnership between teachers and students where teachers will create an account that outlines their assignment guidelines and expectations. They will provide their students with a classroom ID to join a specific class and access their assignments. Upon logging in, students will be asked to complete an integrity quiz which will contain questions on assignment expectations and plagiarism guidelines.


Students also have capabilities to upload sections of their assignment to gather feedback from fellow students or request a mentor from students who are currently excelling in the class for help and guidance on their assignment. Once a student has completed their assignment, they can then upload it to a plagiarism checker in the app which will provide resources and tips based on how well they score before their final submission.