Bro Code
Men’s Hair Salon


Logo Design

Brand Identity



Bro Code is an exclusive hair salon for men, that provides vast type of grooming services. Although started as a boutique salon by a group of passionate barbers, Bro Code expanded and now even have their own lineup of in-house created grooming products. The philosophy of the brand is being anti-extravagant, minimalist simple image yet professional. They want their work and reputation to speak for itself, rather than frivolous advertising. Hence, the brand identity has been moulded to refect just that, simplicity and professionalism. The brand colors are only black and white. Logo features the mascot of a ‘bro’, with ‘bar code’ mask to touch on the wordplay with brand name ‘bro code’.



Bar Code

Art for Change

Art for Change is a non-profit initiative, started by Husain Zaidi in 2019. 

Our Vision 

The artworks created for Art for Change focuses on social and global issues, which are unfortunately ignored by our society. Through my art, I humbly hope to break the stigma around these issues and start a conversation which can make a difference in someone’s life. 

Our Mission 

All the sales generated through Art for Change is donated to a chairty of your choice! Through our combined effort, let us support the charibable organizations accross the globe to help make this world a better place to live.