Power of education can not overstated. As essential as it is to workout and keep our physical body healthy, it’s just as important to workout our brain, read and get educated.

Around 130 million children are denied education at the moment, and another 170 million child labor are aged 5 to 17, who cannot attend school.

Please join me in my quest to help the cause to mitigate barrier to education for all.

  • What’s Included?

    Along with happy feeling, positive vibes, and lots of love from people around the world, you will receive the digital copy of the selected artwork with a personal license. You will receive a ready-to-use high resolution .jpeg file and an Illustrator (.ai) file, which you can use to export the artwork at any resolution.

  • Let’s make a difference!

    Remember, the entire purchase amount received for the artwork is donated to a charity of your choice! If you do not receive a proof of donation within 7 working days, then your money will be refunded.
    With your help, we can take a small step to create an impact and make someone’s life better (: