We still live in a world where it’s frowned upon to be different than what society ‘norms’ state. It’s a taboo to observe polyamory, or impossible to be identified as a third gender, and illegal to have any other sexual preference.

We live in a world where it’s legal to carry a gun in public, but illegal to kiss a person of same gender.

  • What’s Included?

    Along with happy feeling, positive vibes, and lots of love from people around the world, you will receive the digital copy of the selected artwork with a personal license. You will receive a ready-to-use high resolution .jpeg file and an Illustrator (.ai) file, which you can use to export the artwork at any resolution.

  • Let’s make a difference!

    Remember, the entire purchase amount received for the artwork is donated to a charity of your choice! If you do not receive a proof of donation within 7 working days, then your money will be refunded.
    With your help, we can take a small step to create an impact and make someone’s life better (: