Nice to meet you!

I’m Husain Zaidi, a digital product designer living in Toronto. My background is in Architecture and I love creating new things! I like to explore challenges with critical thinking, and creating design solutions to solve problems. The fact that I have an affinity for design sprints and putting ideas to test rapidly, is why I transitioned from designing physical spaces, to designing digital ones!


My empathy for users people is why I’m always encouraged to get involved in projects for a cause, be it a design+build project, volunteering for service, or creating art for change. I also believe in this ever-changing digital industry, one should be willing to experiment and explore adjacent fields as well. Jack of all trades ‘and’ master of one. Which is why I’m motivated to wear many hats when needed.


Incidentally, I’m a technology nerd at heart, and an avid traveller. I’m always up to discuss Retro techs, Tesla designs, Queen and The Beatles, Christopher Nolan movies, and experience design of anything, really..including how Chef Grant Achatz designs his molecular gastronomy and his michelin star restaurant experience! (: